Instant Messaging 3.0: The New Communication Crew

Meet the new kids on the block: Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat and Whatsapp!

Think Facebook is the coolest kid around? There’s a trendy new crew who go by the name ‘IM 3.0′ (instant messaging 3.0 for those not in the know).

First up, meet Line. Line is a wholesome do-gooder. So good that it was created to help people communicate during natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis. But then everyone discovered how handy it was so it became mainstream and now has 170 million users worldwide!

WeChat  is the popular one out of the bunch. Its got a huge fan following, boosting over 300 million users worldwide with 5 new users every second! Quite the overachiever, WeChat is the leader of the pack in terms of users and downloads.

As the underdog of the crew with 90 million users, KakaoTalk is playing catch up. Originally from Korea, KakaoTalk is evolving as the go-to tool for global connections.

Whatsapp is the private one who prefers to stick to what they’re good at: personal communication. It’s popular – with 200 million active users – but hasn’t made room for brands to become involved.

That’s the IM 3.0 gang. They are becoming communication giants. Seemingly every day they add features like social profiles, Skype-like functions, social games and the ability to add brands as friends into your contact list. 

The benefits of this are huge but communicating with users on such a personal level has its implications: do people want a WeChat message from Starbucks first thing in the morning? Or is that too invasive?

We’ll ask all the tough questions about these new platforms. Join Joanne Wan, Hannah Law and Thomas Crampton this Friday, June 28th at 1pm HKT/SGT to learn how you can make the most of this new technology.

The webinar will cover:

- An introduction to the new kids on the block: Line, WeChat and KakaoTalk, Whatsapp

- Outline of the features of IM 3.0 including adding brands as friends: benefits and implications

- Which brands are doing it right? Highlights from different industries

- Next steps for your brand


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