Social Media News Update June 10

Leaked: New features of WeChat 5.0

WeChat is updating its features to incorporate more social networking components to the app. Some new upgraded features include:

  • Subscriptions to any WeChat public platform accounts
  • No number against the unread messages
  • Scan bar codes, covers, translations and even your surroundings
  • Shake tool for video
  • Users can bookmark pages and other data

The upgrades are reportedly being incorporated into the Chinese version of the app and will be added into the international version later down the track. Tencent, the mother company of WeChat has confirmed the upgrades but are yet to release a launch date. Read more.

YouTube founders have released an Asian clone of Vine

Founders of YouTube and Avos Systems, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen recently launched Wanpai, a new video-sharing app that functions and operates similar to Twitter’s app, Vine.

Wanpai, like Vine, allows 6 seconds of video recording that can be posted on to various social networking sites. A differentiating point for Wanpai is its added feature of filters, audio and allows content to be shared on Chinese networking sites, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Renren. Wanpai is available on both iOS and android systems.

There’s debate over whether Wanpai can sustain and gather more users.  Time will tell. Read more.

Google close to buying Waze for $1.3 Billion

Apple is now out of the race. There is speculation that Google has bought the very popular Israeli navigation app, Waze, for a reported $1.3 billion. Founded in 2009, Waze has grown and hit 50 million users. The popular navigation app crowd sources information from its users to display traffic congestion, police presence, road accidents, speed cameras and road hazards in a particular country. According to reports, Waze will be a stand alone app from Google and will still operate in Israel with Noam Bardin as CEO for the next few years. Waze nor Google have confirmed this speculated deal. Read more.