Vinstagram Me

#VineDiedFasterThan…Kim Kardashian’s Marriage, says twitter user @JGBelieber . For those who keep up with trending #tags on twitter, that’s what you would have seen. The socialsphere seem to think that the rising 6 second video sharing app is doomed to die, with Instagram bringing improvements to video sharing with their filters and their well established user base. To the casual observer, Instagram’s service outshines Vine, in terms of features and ease of use.

Still, the war for Top App in the video sharing category isn’t lost. Vine has the early mover advantage of being the “original” short video sharing service. And in many aspects, Vine is still strong. I personally consider Vine to be a more “simple” in terms of the concept. For example, this video that a dad took was on the front page of reddit:

So, right now it’s still to early to say that “Vine is dead”. To the user, each service offers different things. Instagram is still the undisputed “king” of filter apps, whereas Vine has the “looping video/gif” base covered. It will probably be great to see how the battle plays out. In terms of features and ease of creating of beautiful content, users are really in a golden age in terms of app development.

The implications for brands on these two platforms are twofold; first of all, the number of users on each platform are of minimal significance, rather, the content that you create should resonate with users and fit onto the platform onto which content is posted. The second point is a continuation of the first: the content has to be tailored to the platform. Placing a television commercial onto Instagram, for example, would probably resonate negatively with users. That being said, go forth and create…content!