Social Media News Update 7-15

WeChat expands to gaming

China’s messaging app giant WeChat has started testing its games platform. Tianmei Yiyou, an in-house team of Tencent, developed the first mobile social game on the platform. Currently the game is only available to Android users in China. But with the support of Tencent’s payment infrastructure, the move might soon become Tencent’s new cash cow. Read More

Social Voice App “Bubbly” hits 30 million users

Bubbly, dubbed the  “Twitter for Voice”, is a new Singapore-based social network. The app allows users to share a clip of their voice accompanied by a suitable background, chosen by the user. Bubbly obtained 30 million users in three years’ time. Its availability to feature-phone users is a key to its success in SE Asia markets including India, Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillippines. In established markets, Bubbly captures users with premium in-app purchases (connecting with top-tier celebrities). Read More