Social Media News Update July 18

Kakao mobile game platform records tremendous growth

Kakao Talk, the Korean mobile messaging app, released their gaming platform last year. Now, on the anniversary 30% of Kakao Talk’s 100 million users are using its mobile game platform and in one year it has grossed 348 billion for Kakao Talk.  The platform also presents vast opportunities to game developers as it extends into the social network of Kakao Talk users, who might not be into mobile games previously. Kakao Talk’s biggest competitor WeChat also has its eyes on the social game market. WeChat has recently rolled out its game plan on Android in China. Who will dominate social gaming in the long run? Read More

Instagram introduces web embed feature

As a further development in the battle between Vine and Instagram, Instagram has introduced the web embed feature to it’s photo and video sharing app. The web embed allows users to share the photo or video on a blog, a website or within an article. Vine rolled out the video embed feature earlier in March. And Instagram is finally launching the feature to catch up. So once again the battle continues. Read More

Sina Weibo users become less active

Recent data showed activity of Weibo users had decreased by 30%. The microblogging giant continued to face competition from the fast-growing mobile messaging app WeChat. Currently Weibo has 500 million registered users and WeChat has just passed the 300 million mark. While WeChat is on a roll with growth plan – launching social games on the platform and is rumored to be partnering with telecom to offer subscription plans – will Weibo manage to secure its position as the top marketing platform in China? Read More