Creating Content: What does the fox say?

“90% of social is showing up, and the rest is hard.” – Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media, Ford

When consumers are faced with constant content overload, how does a brand make them care?

Well, part of the answer could be in the hottest viral video by Norway’s Ylvis Brothers, part of which was shown to a gleeful crowd as part of a presentation at Social Media Matters 2013, some of who said they only saw it for the first time.

In the video, some animals were busy partying and can easily be identified by their usual “woofs”, “meows” and “moos”, but came the mystery of the brown fox lounging on the sofa, well, does anyone know how he sounds?

Yes, it’s cute and catchy but more than anything else, it’s about a simple yet profound idea, which took us to a new realm of imagination – and when mixed with thumping electronica and Gangnam-like dance move – has caught the eye of nearly 13.5 million viewers on YouTube as of today.

This elusive element is what brands are hoping to capture in their quest for creative and compelling content for their digital marketing campaigns, and they seem to be getting closer to this holy grail.

At #SMMHK, we got to meet Ford’s “Focus Doug” the orange puppet sidekick who would rather text than talk, and “Akiko” the helpful muse on the LINE platform for Japanese convenience store Lawson.

Although they are not global sensations as the “fox”, they have been delivered phenomenal results for their brands not only in engaging users and changing preference but most importantly, actually moving sales.

Besides the idea itself, of course, brands do invest enormous time and effort to know and listen to their customers, so that’s the other part of the answer in how they come up with content that consumers care about.

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