Highlights of #SMMHK Part I

Social Media Matters is all that matters today!

Over 650 delegates, 250 brands and 30 speakers from across the regional are here at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to examine how social media is becoming a powerful business tool and to unlock the insights that will generate business results.

Here are the highlights from the morning sessions.

Scott Monty from Ford believes that if you have a great product, let go of your fear and let them (consumers) tell your story.

Coca-Cola’s model to success: tell compelling stories, provoke happiness, promote cultural leadership and innovate with partners. Leonardo O’Grady added, “We don’t think we can change the world but we should have a point of view”

TNS sees the power of mobile is in its ability to deliver new extensions of a brand that meet contextual needs.

Twitter says its platform complements TV by bringing real time viewing back to TV. TV+Twitter will fuel the growth of the platform.

Nestle finds the biggest challenges in Social CRM are finding the right platform, knowing your consumers, telling a coherent story, and evaluating short-term wins vs long-term investment.

Stew Langille from Visual.ly outlines what makes a good story: lead with the story, put on a journalist hat, remember the arc of storytelling and don’t fire all your data guns at once.

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