Social+Creativity=Success #SMMHK

One of the great things about social media conferences is not seeing number and stats or hearing about platform updates, but learning how brands are creatively using social media to drive business success. There were many success stories shared by brands at Social Media Matters today and many of them will be posted on following the event. In the meantime, here’s a few to get you started.

Happiness is easy! Coca-Cola’s “Project Re: Brief” invited fans to send a free Coca-Cola across the world and share a little happiness with someone they’ve never met. Creativity doesn’t always mean big.  The idea was simple (though logistics for Coca-Cola was likely very complicated) and the user experience was painless. Select a location, write a message, send a coke and make someone happy (or even a new friend).

American Express has the image of being traditional and stuffy and perceived as “my dad’s credit card” or a business traveler’s card.  American Express explained the concept of “brand reappraisal” through their Unstaged Initiative, a partnership with YouTube and VEVO that features some of the world’s most influential artists, directors and filmmakers to connect the online audience to the live shows in unexpected ways.  More HERE

Luxury brands want to maintain control at the global level, but should also capitalize on local opportunities that spark creative consumer engagement.   An example of this is Estee Lauder’s “V-Shape Photo Taking” idea, where the brand invited its Facebook fans to submit their photo alongside the launch of their new facial serum. The implication – if you use the Estee Lauder serum, you will no longer need to take top-down photos to create the v-shape effect (a common practice for women in HK).

Stay tuned!  Other great cases from Social Media Matters will be made available at