This is a “blog platform” – a collaborative group blog authored by all parts of Ogilvy Group across the Asia-Pacific region.

In this conversation we invite colleagues, clients, competitors and anyone interested in the strategic use of social media, word of mouth marketing and digital innovation occurring in Asia to join.

Marketing and communications are changing and we have insights, ideas and opinions about how this will go down.

More Than a Blog

We also aggregate our Twitter feeds, video and pics, blog network, portfolio of best practices, the events we will attend and job openings here. It’s our platform – a jumping off place – our homebase for conversation. So, jump in, the water’s fine.

Contact Thomas Crampton, Regional Director, Social@Ogilvy, for more information:
O: +852-2884-8551
F: +852-2535-6019
E: thomas.crampton@ogilvy.com