Digital Strategists: Join the Team That Applies Social Media to Business

We need Senior Digital Strategist leaders in NY and SF who know the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Join the team that is defining the next marcom discipline around social media and digital marketing to drive word of mouth and action. We are the word of mouth agency (within an agency) focused on creating conversations online, engaging with new influencers and building community. You are going to need at least 4-8 years experience developing digital solutions for clients.

You will have proven strength in creating and executing strategy, understanding research, managing complex interactive programs that leverage social media and word of mouth.
You understand the broad field of public relations and why a new definition of ëearned mediaî is so important today. Youíve probably worked at a brand, another agency or pure digital shop – preferably a brand name one.

You have worked all the way through making a project a success via online marketing, visibility and outreach. Youíve probably obsessed about creating client value throughout your career. You believe in our ability to make things better: better strategy, more client value, and even our ability to create a great workplace experience. You know social media inside and out and have made it a part of your life. You have a record of creating innovative strategies.

Your qualities? You have a passion for the changes in digital and communications. You get things done. You are supremely organized. You are always learning. You hate when things are not done as well as they could be. You are enthusiastic and love team work. You are curious about everything.