Liza Levy

Liza Levy is a digital marketing specialist within Ogilvy PR’s 360 Digital Influence practice with responsibility for planning strategic digital influence projects.

Liza has lived between the UK and China since 2001. She moved to China full time two years ago after graduating with an MA in Chinese from Edinburgh University and is fluent in speaking and reading Mandarin – including classical Chinese. Born in Israel and to a British father and Argentine mother, Liza is also fluent in Hebrew and Spanish.

Liza began her Ogilvy career leading the Digital Influence account for ProChile, an arm of the Chilean Government responsible for increasing trade and investment on behalf of Chile in China.

Since then Liza has worked on digital projects for clients including Unilever, DFAT (the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and adidas.

Liza is an avid football fan, chef and reader.