Saurabh Sharma

Before starting to work Saurabh completed Post Graduation in Management with specialization in Product Development & Management.
He has done a nine-year stint across Brand Consulting & Advertising. His consulting experience gave him a taste of being associated with a startup early in life!
Saurabh has worked with Ogilvy in India for about four years before moving to Ogilvy Beijing in 2007 as a Strategic Planning Director. Apart from working on MNC and some local Chinese brands, his job involves predicting & interpreting the impact of social, cultural, technological & lifestyle trends on Marketing, Brands & Brand Communication.
He likes reading, writing, listening to music, public speaking & traveling.
Linked with his liking for public speaking & writing is his engagement as a Visiting & Guest Faculty at various post graduate management institutions and forums in India & China and his Blog ,
Saurabh has a width of published work spanning:
Impulse Buying Behaviour
The New Indian Consumer
Unconventional Approach to derive Human Insights
Contemporary Urban Indian Youth
Cross-Cultural Brand Communication
The Urban Social Landscape in India
Retail landscape in India &
Confluence & Contrasts between Indian & Chinese Middleclass
Future of Books
Undocumented irrelevance of the written word
Non linear (and risky) innovation that works
Future of Mobile Computing, and many more
His current passion is futurology and scenario planning. He is intrigued by the inevitable intimacies that we’d develop with technology, not very far ahead into the future.
Thanks to his parents, Saurabh traveled a lot in his childhood and got to know his country and its many cultures. He now wishes to do something similar with the whole world as his blotting paper – and China is the first step in that direction.
He lives & loves – ideas, insights and life!