Shalu Wasu

Shalu Wasu was the co-founder of Tickled Media private limited-an online media company involved in nurturing and growing large communities of people around proprietary content and the founder of Life Ahoy private limited-a Singapore based training company.

An MBA from Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad (1999), Shalu has spent 11 years inthe corporate fast lane across 6 countries, 5 industries and 3 multinational companies.

Shalu became the youngest ever regional head at NIIT in 2003 (at age 26) heading a team of 150 and also the youngest ever Country Manager at Polaroid in 2005 (at age 28) heading operations for ASEAN and India.

Marketing campaigns conceptualized and executed by him grew into wide-spread social phenomena attracting participation by Prime Ministers of India and Sri Lanka, several union ministers and chief ministers apart from corporate heads, celebrities and millions of people from different walks of life, generating unparalleled publicity for the company.

Shalu also ran successful joint promotional campaigns with some of the biggest brands in the world including Microsoft, Coca Cola, Reebok, Intel and Samsung. One of the sales promotion campaigns also won the best promotion award at the India Promo Power Awards(2002-2003), competing against 450 other entries.