How do you boost brand equity and consolidate communications for a 200-year-old company?

In early 2003, DuPont™, a 203 year-old company, was suffering from a fragmented approach to marketing, with over 400 agencies worldwide responsible for its communications. This fragmentation was in danger of affecting the bottom line — brand equity had been slipping over the years, especially among the under-35 demographic. In July 2003, DuPont™ consolidated its communications when it named Ogilvy PR their lead global agency.

Ogilvy PR recognized that as DuPont™ began its third major transformation from a chemicals corporation to a broader science company, it would require a perception shift in the marketplace. Attaining this shift would require greater synergies among DuPont™ operating units, to get international teams on the same page.

For the past four years, Ogilvy PR, along with our sister companies, has provided coordinated global activities in pursuit of “One DuPont™ brand”. Our teams provide advertising, interactive, public relations and public affairs services for DuPont™ in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe. We ensure consistency of message and effort across the globe through a series of coordinated activities, including an Ogilvy PR/ DuPont™ extranet and weekly regional and worldwide leadership calls.

Our main focus is to raise the visibility of the DuPont™ brand among the key purchasing demographic — under 35 consumers. We’ve helped to launch several new products to this audience, including Corian® surfaces and Teflon®. Attention-getting campaigns for Teflon® have included the “Search for the Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America” and the launch of the DuPont™ “Monster Bridge”, a state-of-the-art luxury box that spans the Dover International Speedway. To date, our efforts have generated more than 44 million print and broadcast impressions for our client, equivalent to more than a million dollars in free advertising.

Ogilvy PR continues to work in four continents and more than 15 countries across five business platforms and 23 business units to help build one DuPont™ brand.