Can you introduce a new product, build reputation and turn media coverage on it’s head all at the same time?

Lenovo needed an idea that could position them as more than the tech company and who provided lots of computers to the Olympics. They also needed to introduce their new consumer platform – the IdeaPad – in a fresh, exciting way.

We worked with our client to develop the concept for the Voices of the Olympic Games, an ambitious campaign to recruit 100 Olympic athletes from around the world to become bloggers and vloggers at the Games. Based on the idea that real stories from actual athletes would be far more powerful than any combination of marketing taglines, our aim was to bring these athletes together in a social media-powered campaign on a global scale that had never been tried before at any Olympic Games. If we could pull it off, we would help Lenovo live up to their ideal as a new world company, as well as reach the secondary target of introducing their newest laptop to the market through the stories of athletes using it.

We created the largest social media powered marketing campaign ever conceived during the largest sporting event in the world. The online blog aggregator served as a hub on online activity that also delivered via a Facebook application, a search marketing campaign via Google and a content-driven ad buy through Federated Media.

Throughout the campaign, we achieved over 10.5m social media impressions overall, drove 1.4m Lenovo site visits and published more than 10,000 content updates through blogs, videos, images and more.