How can bloggers bring a new brand message to consumers?

In 2007, Louis Vuitton asked Ogilvy PR’s Digital Influence team in Paris to generate positive word of mouth about the brand among online “influencers.” The campaign needed to be focused and efficient, because it would not be supported by global marketing nor a traditional public relations launch.

Ogilvy PR decided to use the launch of the new French Louis Vuitton web site (featuring André Agassi and Stefi Graff) to start a conversation among relevant online influencers. We had three major goals in doing so: to drive users to Louis Vuitton’s site via organic search; to lead them to associate the brand with high quality and emotional values; and to gather verbal testimonials and “buzz” for the website, which would in turn generate further interest in Louis Vuitton among key audiences — including the media and affluent consumers.

Because the Ogilvy-designed website was already very strong, we recommended letting it stand on its own. To increase visits and get people talking, we gave exclusive access to the entire site to forty French bloggers specializing in Fashion, Trends and Communication one week before its launch and asked them to provide feedback that could be integrated into the website before the launch.

326 emails exchanges, countless phone calls, and 28 informal interviews later, we received a flood of positive feedback, including 35 posts in highly influential blogs featuring 100% positive and enthusiastic coverage of the site.

Our organic search results improved as well, with the blog posts that resulted from our outreach consistently appearing in the top 20 results for branded and campaign-relevant terms.